The Magic Feather

Zoubi and the Sea opening for Jon and Roy and The Wild Romantics at Sugar Nightclub, 2016...

Zoubi Arros performing at Wildwood Artist Retreat

Eyes Inside
Zoubi and the Sea (live) Filmed by Andrew Briggs
Zoubi and the Sea (live) Filmed by Andrew Briggs
EP release 2015
Performing Bee's Knees with Isaac for the EP release at Victoria House Concert B
Ex Man
Zoubi Arros and Sade performing an original composition, "Ex Man." Sharing the roster with the lovely Klarka Weinwurm a...
No Such Luck
This song is about learning to be patient with yourself.
The Magic Feather
The Magic Feather was filmed for a little boy named Jasper. It was a gift for his 6th birthday.