I would like to say extend a HUGE thank you to all of my friends and friends of friends. Your exceptional support for the past two shows has been a very pleasant surprise and helped all of us musicians feel very loved! The attendance at the Cambie blew my mind. We managed to cover the cost of renting rehearsal space and you even bought our dinner! What a hoot. The set at Lacey-Lou Tapas Lounge last night was extra fun. Patrons were saying they've never seen it so packed! Nice work on the promo everyone! Thank you to the Zone@91.3 for announcing our show on the radio! Wholie I'm very privileged to have had Shane Soderberg keeping both the rhythm of my guitar and my heart as my soul pushed it's way out of my voice. It was a real treat to have the company of Andrew Poirier (of Weird Party) on stage with us last night. He set us at ease, making everything look easy ;) A special thanks to the lovely Michelle, who warmed everyone up with her beautiful voice and piano playing. I hope to collaborate with her in the near future! Chris Jones with some of his Sweet Leaf members; excellent show boys. Always entertaining. Thank you Chris for giving me the chance to perform sans-guitar for the first time ever!! SO MUCH FUN! Super scary but I'm hooked. Simon De Laat and Dave took some video footage, can't wait to see that! Thank you for helping us out a ton by doing sound for us while I fumbled about with various unknown cables and buttons. You can look forward to some excellent photographs by Darren Ho (of Darren Ho Media) and we possibly scored a few shots by Kim (of Kim Jay Photography). Thank you to Nev Gibson for helping us sound tight by offering the Hidden Gem as a big comfy rehearsal space. And of course, I must express a gigantic appreciation for Lacey-Lou Tapas Lounge for hosting our shenanigans and always asking us to come back. Amelia and staff, you are so lovely! - Mar 7th, 2015