Saskatoon is a gorgeous city! Trees everywhere and a river running through the center. Village Guitar & Amps Co. had me catching my dropping jaw. The wide open sales floor doubled as a classy hardwood dance floor. We came in and immediately started picking Dan's brain about sound engineering. He did sound for Michael Bublé.. so he had a lot of field knowledge to share. He shared his experience with a smile. It inspires me so much to be around people who are successful and still passionate about their chosen career path. Needless to say, this was the most crisp sound I have ever heard my instruments amplified through. Village Guitar & Amps Co. is a place to see if you're ever in Saskatoon. I would LOVE to come back and attend a show there. A pristine listening room run by kind and generous people -to say the least. Stay tuned for video footage of this performance! - Aug 16th, 2015