Canadian Music Week

Wow! That was a whirlwind! I thought I was going to be stuck in the office for most of CMW but my dear Gary Taylor let me roam around the conference most of the time. In the daytime, the love of music helped me bridge my introversion, having something in common with every one in attendance and having an opportunity to sit, listening to panelists speak.
On my first day, Gary signed me up to be a mentor at the Mentor's Cafe that he manages. I was really nervous and sat at my table, organizing papers and business cards I'd collected. Right away, Civil Wray came up and spoke with me. She was kind and talkative, filling up most of the conversational space (which I felt grateful I didn't have to do). I quickly learned that she's made more headway with her craft than I have so I chuckled at how I was given the "mentor" role while feel like it was more of a two way street. She mentored me just as much or more than I did her! Listening to her music for the first time now, I am thrilled! See her video 

Bad Animal came to speak to me next. They were so kind! Came to Toronto from Calgary and told me if I came to Calgary, they'd book me a show. It's really inspiring to meet so many people that share similar aspirations. I have rarely felt any mean competitive vibes from other musicians and have repeatedly noticed a eagerness to share resources, offer help or encouragement. This is why I believe that I am a happy person today. Beyond what my family and friends have done for me, beyond the love that my parents showed me I was worthy of, I feel that sharing in a love for making music is the community that has supported me since I left my mom's house in 2010.

I've wanted to befriend Fortune Killers since I started taking voice lessons with Felicia. They slept on my couch and left my roommates and I with merch, wine and eggs. Organic eggs!

Helena Deland and Anemone put on excellent shows!! I spoke to each of them afterward. Helena Deland's band mates were very encouraging and patient with my attemps at speaking french. Anemone made me want to keep dancing and really commit to my dreams of making disco.

I went to a party at Kensington Sound last night and ended up staying there for 7 hours. It was full of future friends including AbrahamLambsbreath, Ben Palchet some humble folks from Urban Music Canada and many more! Today I went to meet Gary for a wrap up chat. His friend Franz (President of Indica Records who manage Half Moon Run) who was the kindest sufer-rocker dude. Him and I went to the pool and lounged in the sun for a bit. He offered his house if I ever want to visit Montreal.. He said he's usually gone to Australia in the winter. WHA! So I think life is about taking those opportunities that make your jaw drop and mumble "oh, I couldn't do thaat, he's just trying to be nice." No, I COULD do that and he IS being nice and once more, I COULD do that. Should.. Will? I will. Ok, it's settled. 

Thank you Gary Taylor, thank you Canadian Music week, thank you to all of the music creators, music appreciators for being so welcoming and making networking not so horrible.

Next I need to find a place to stay in Nashville, anyone got a couch there?


- May 13th, 2018