Toronto has been a whirlwind of adjusting to the big and inspiring city and a lot of saying "yes" to many amazing opportunities! The Independent Songwriting and Performance program at Seneca is fantastic. I am playing bass in another person's project for the first time ever! Check out Owen Davies by clicking HERE

- Nov 12th, 2017

New single

Zoubi and The Sea is working on a track with Victoria's own Sam Weber, producer and musician extraordinaire. We are so excited to share it with you in the new year!

- Dec 31st, 2016

Performing Rifflandia Festival!

Saturday, September 17th
11:30pm at the Mint
Zoubi and the Sea open for the Wild Romantics!

Rifflandia Website info

- Sep 7th, 2016

Times Colonist

Thank you to Mike Devlin of Times Colonist for including Zoubi and the Sea alongside LABSDJ LowMan Made Lake, the Dylan Stone Band in your listing of local highlights!

read the article

- Jul 25th, 2016

Rock of the Woods

Rock of the Woods

The Rock of the Woods music festival was announced and we're on it!
We have to sell tickets to this event so please email for details!

- May 16th, 2016

Playing w Jon and Roy at Sugar!

Playing w Jon and Roy at Sugar!
Jon and Roy, Wild Romantics, Zoubi and the Sea, March 18th at Sugar nightclub - Feb 2nd, 2016

Song and Surf

It's official! We will be performing at Song and Surf 2016. What a great year this has started off to be for Zoubi and the Sea. Saturday, February 6th at 2pm we will be kicking off the show at the Big Fish Lodge in Port Renfrew! Hope to see you there :) Play Song & Surf Winner - Jan 29th, 2016

Best weekend ever!

WHAT A WEEKEND! Thank you so much to all those who came to our Logan's show on Jan 22nd! We filled the venue! A few friends said they waited in line for an hour before people left so that could get in. Holy what dedication -in this cold weather! Thank you to Bousada and Butterflywingtip for holding the event and being such warm and welcoming individuals to share the stage with. You, dancing in the front row; thank you! Zoubi and the Sea has never seen so many people groovin' so hard. I hope things have reached a new high. I think they have! Song & Surf showcase went better than I could have imagined! So much support and love, thank you thank you! We worked hard leading up to this and it turned out to be the most rewarding pay off EVER! Whether we win the contest or not, we sure have gained a lot from the experience. MYC Sharratt and Weak Patrol rocked it! Thank you Morgan for hosting, Stephen Franke, Colin McTaggart, Jimmy Leitch, and Mike Hann for your constructive criticism and encouragement. I plan on seeing much more of each of you in the future! - Jan 25th, 2016

Song & Surf

We have made it to the top 6 for the Play Song & Surf Contest!!!! Come to our showcase on January 23rd (saturday) at the Breakwater. We rely on your cheer for our success! - Jan 14th, 2016

Song & Surf

Very excited to be applying to the Play Song & Surf Contest! We have been working hard at creating some Zoubi and the Sea tracks to showcase to festival buyers. Please stay tuned for news on this! Song & Surf is my favorite festival. It has a beautiful crew of people who are authentically interested in music. What else would draw you out to Port Renfru rain forest in the winter?? :) - Jan 11th, 2016


In October, my mom got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. A huge surprise. Together with many many kind friends and strangers, I am organizing a fundraiser for her. It will be held in February. Event details here: Mom's blog here: - Dec 29th, 2015


Wow it is cold out! What a great time to stay inside.. what will you do with your time? Feel free to post your ideas on my facebook page What am I doing? Getting together lots with the band :) lovely folks. Sade, Chase, Isaac and Simon. We rehearse and discus festival applications whilst sipping tea, beer or the like. Business stuff, you know how it is. I take notes and sip ginger tea of course. - Nov 21st, 2015


So many shows this fall! It has been lovely returning to Victoria. There is a beautiful community here who I feel ever so grateful to be a part of. The EP release show at Victoria House Concert B was an astonishing success! Thank you for all of your support. A lot of individuals who I truly admire made the time to come out and sit for two hours with us. Yipes! Check out the new video uploads on this site! The band has gotten together for rehearsal for the first time in a month. They are so talented and such stand out people, I can't say how grateful I am to be able to work with them. There are videos of us rehearsing! Felicita's last night was very very fun! A huge thank you to all of our friends who show us love by appearing at our shows or commenting on our facebook posts :) Much more news to come - Oct 4th, 2015

Album release!

It's finally happening! Now you can get your FREE DOWNLOAD of the Tumble EP. Here is a review of the album by Mark Anthony Brennan Here for a listen or a download! If you stream, you can hear 3 songs *if you download, you can hear all 4!* - Aug 17th, 2015


Saskatoon is a gorgeous city! Trees everywhere and a river running through the center. Village Guitar & Amps Co. had me catching my dropping jaw. The wide open sales floor doubled as a classy hardwood dance floor. We came in and immediately started picking Dan's brain about sound engineering. He did sound for Michael Bublé.. so he had a lot of field knowledge to share. He shared his experience with a smile. It inspires me so much to be around people who are successful and still passionate about their chosen career path. Needless to say, this was the most crisp sound I have ever heard my instruments amplified through. Village Guitar & Amps Co. is a place to see if you're ever in Saskatoon. I would LOVE to come back and attend a show there. A pristine listening room run by kind and generous people -to say the least. Stay tuned for video footage of this performance! - Aug 16th, 2015


The Arts Bank in Bruno, SK.. Let me tell you WHAT! What a kind and generous group of individuals. We were greeted with such warmth and down to earth kindness. The venue was an adorable little cafe/art space/house concert style set up. I'll post a photo! Check my instagram for a video of my favorite room! Thank you to the owner Jonas and the ladies running the cafe; Bethany and Danielle. The Cherry Sunday fair was a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much Bruno. This was a real highlight in my touring experience. - Aug 16th, 2015

Jasper National Park

What a nice introduction to Jasper! Thank you to the National Park employees for welcoming us in. It was so fun petting stuffed animals and experimenting with the sound equipment inside the Fire Hall. A Britney Spears headset!? Once in a lifetime opportunity for your truly. Solange thank you for connecting me with Dominique who connected me with the other employees and landed us a bed under the most beautifully starlit sky that I've ever seen. The warden's cabin! Then the most beautiful drive down the Icefields Parkway! Nature walks and fresh fresh air. Graham, you are fantastic company. - Aug 15th, 2015

First stop on the tour! Prince George

Prince George, what a beautiful place! My time staying with Norm, Carolyn, Gabrielle, Emma, Noah and Noah was very inspiring. What a kind and welcoming family. Thank you for feeding us and for taking me mountain biking! Nancy O's is a fun venue, the owner, Owen, was very helpful and accommodating. I recommend it to any musician looking for a place to perform. It was packed on a Wednesday! What a wonderful way to kick off our tour. Off to Jasper at 5am tomorrow wooo woooo! Vroom vrooooooom can't wait to see what that big green spot on the map looks like from the earth.

- Aug 12th, 2015

Green Party Party

We will be doing an impromptu performance, at 7pm TONIGHT at the Sunset Room to raise money and awareness for the Green Party! info here Hope to see you there! - Aug 7th, 2015

Summer tour

This summer, I am privileged to have the opportunity to tour with my friend Graham, Much adventure to come! August 12: Prince George, BC // Nancy O's // 8:00pm August 13: Jasper, AB // Heritage Firehall // 6:30pm August 14: Calgary, AB // Cafe Koi // 8:30pm August 15: Bruno, SK // Bruno Arts Bank // 7:00pm August 16: Saskatoon, SK // Village Guitar & Amp Co. // 7:00pm August 18: Regina, SK // O'Hanlons Pub // 8:00pm (Devarrow only) August 19: Lethbridge, AB // The Slice // 9:00pm August 20: Kimberley, BC // Green Door // 7:00pm - Aug 1st, 2015


Hello world! What has been happening in the life of Zoubi Arros you ask? Well well well, some very exciting things indeed. Many many shows. Rehearsing with a new band! The three of them are coming up with a name for themselves, so stay tuned for that :) Currently we are going by "Zoubi Arros" but would like to have a different name for solo vs ensemble performances. Who's in this band? Sade aka Smooth Operator, keepin' time on tha drums Isaac hittin' tha grooves on tha bass Chase wooing it on tha saxophone. - Jun 2nd, 2015


It's festival submission time! I'll be at Tall Tree and Rifflandia Music Festivals!! Though, I might not get to perform.. I'll be there. Join me? - Mar 10th, 2015


I would like to say extend a HUGE thank you to all of my friends and friends of friends. Your exceptional support for the past two shows has been a very pleasant surprise and helped all of us musicians feel very loved! The attendance at the Cambie blew my mind. We managed to cover the cost of renting rehearsal space and you even bought our dinner! What a hoot. The set at Lacey-Lou Tapas Lounge last night was extra fun. Patrons were saying they've never seen it so packed! Nice work on the promo everyone! Thank you to the Zone@91.3 for announcing our show on the radio! Wholie I'm very privileged to have had Shane Soderberg keeping both the rhythm of my guitar and my heart as my soul pushed it's way out of my voice. It was a real treat to have the company of Andrew Poirier (of Weird Party) on stage with us last night. He set us at ease, making everything look easy ;) A special thanks to the lovely Michelle, who warmed everyone up with her beautiful voice and piano playing. I hope to collaborate with her in the near future! Chris Jones with some of his Sweet Leaf members; excellent show boys. Always entertaining. Thank you Chris for giving me the chance to perform sans-guitar for the first time ever!! SO MUCH FUN! Super scary but I'm hooked. Simon De Laat and Dave took some video footage, can't wait to see that! Thank you for helping us out a ton by doing sound for us while I fumbled about with various unknown cables and buttons. You can look forward to some excellent photographs by Darren Ho (of Darren Ho Media) and we possibly scored a few shots by Kim (of Kim Jay Photography). Thank you to Nev Gibson for helping us sound tight by offering the Hidden Gem as a big comfy rehearsal space. And of course, I must express a gigantic appreciation for Lacey-Lou Tapas Lounge for hosting our shenanigans and always asking us to come back. Amelia and staff, you are so lovely! - Mar 7th, 2015


Yes! Just finished a photo shoot with the wonderful Brad Edwards, of PIV Photography. New and fabulous portraits coming soon! - Jan 31st, 2015


Currently working on a new EP. What joyous fun! Stay tuned. - Jan 14th, 2015


It's official, I'm signed with Mighty Speck Records, collective of passionate and talented people who I'm excited to work with. MSR showcases the artist who demonstrates both talent and social responsibility. So far it has been very inspiring! - Dec 6th, 2014


I've updated my bandcamp! Added lyrics to every track :) Check it out! - Jun 8th, 2014


The Grit of it was just launched! Locals talking grit. Interviews and portraits of inspiring and creative people who share how they get through the bumps in life with a little "True Grit" Check out Zoubi Arros's interview: - Jun 2nd, 2014

Wood Recital Hall

I've been taking some vocal lessons at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Kathryn Whitney has been the perfect vocal instructor for me. She makes me laugh and makes it easy to ask questions. Anyhow, she hosted a recital for her students. Most of them sung classical songs (Bach and the likes). It was a new experience for me. Very very impressive! Singing with those acoustics was fun! My new found friend, Simon De Laat ( filmed the event. My two songs will be posted ASAP! Can't wait! - May 27th, 2014

New news

Well, I'm not sure if this quite constitutes as news to the music of me.. but you must know the joys of my new discovery. A wooden spinning top. Never ceasing to amuse since 3500 B.C. and possibly before! - Apr 27th, 2014


Wrapping up winter hibernation with some spring recording! Soon to have some spiffy new tracks to add to the list. It's got to be about enough for an album real soon! Just can't wait... - Apr 15th, 2013

Winter Videos

New music videos! Winter on the sunshine coast has been quite the same as the rest of the west coast. Sunny days are fewer and further between, so when it is sunny; we get out! My girlfriend has kindly offered to film a few videos of me and my guitar in the outdoor scenery. Much better surroundings than the usual videos I upload to youtube. They were a lot of fun to record! All of them thus far are filmed right on the beach, so there are waves in the audio hah! Looking forward to moving back to Victoria BC, where family and friends are most abundant :) - Nov 11th, 2011

The Magic Feather

My good friend Keira and I are working on a goofy children's film for a little boy named Jasper. Jasper just turned 6 and is a great friend of Keira's. Making this film has been lots of fun! It has taken longer than expected (which was expected.. but it's taken even longer than that) none the less, it has been worth it. AND IT IS ALMOST FINISHED! My song "dancing" is featured in the film! I will post it under "videos" on this website as soon as it is done! - Oct 27th, 2011

Music @ TC pub

Wow! What a great crowd at TC pub in Powell River! Open mic-style Wednesday night hosted by Renelle, a friendly and exuberant musician. My first time in the venue, I felt quite nervous to get up on stage. I sung "Dancing" first to swing into the happy and relaxed mindset that the song was written with. At the end of the song I was relieved with a great response from the audience. Thank you for your kind words and warm welcome Powell River! - Oct 19th, 2011

Tiny Bubbles

Learning to play "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho. Check out the song on youtube. It's good - Oct 6th, 2011


the "shop" is now open! I haven't sold anything over the internet before so lets experiment. This is very exciting and convenient! However if you prefer to do this the old fashion way and, for example, you'd like to trade a chicken for a CD; we will have to meet in person. Come to a show and we'll engage in good ol' commerce. For special requests, please feel free to email me. - Oct 2nd, 2011


A great night performing at Falconetti's Bar and Grill with Return of the Stern Vancouver, BC - Oct 1st, 2011


New website! Be the first to sign the guestbook! Thank you to some great friends for helping to make this website possible. Nev and Bill from the Indivision Network for the site and Keira Pinchbeck for the artwork! I am on the interweb YEEEEEHAAWWW!!! nothing can stop me now! Lets not be too professional now. - Sep 22nd, 2011


Soup and BMWs! - Sep 22nd, 2011